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HMF loads up the Can-Am® Maverick Trail 1000

Ever since we opened our doors here at HMF in ’97, we’ve been researching, designing, developing and fabing aftermarket bolt-on performance enhancements.  Here we are, two decades later, rolling in this 2018 Can-Am® Maverick Trail to begin doing the very same thing we’ve always done; Make it better.


HMF loads up the Can-Am<sup>®</sup> Maverick Trail 1000

The UTVs in today’s world are pretty enhanced right from stock.  Some of the features these machines include can be compared to vehicles on the road.  If you weren’t looking hard enough, you may not see that there’s still more in that machine.  With a new set of lungs and vocal chords, (aka exhaust system) any machine can increase performance.

HMF loads up the Can-Am<sup>®</sup> Maverick Trail 1000

For the Can-Am® Maverick Trail, we developed a Full System in our Titan Series to really open this up.  Our 5” Stainless Steel exhaust can with the larger diameter head-pipe really gives the machine a lot more room to breath.  The power gains in both the Titan-XL and Titan-QS were relatively the same, so the choice of sound really becomes a big feature. 

HMF loads up the Can-Am<sup>®</sup> Maverick Trail 1000

Our Titan-XL (Extra Loud) Series has a less restricted internal core that outputs the exhaust tone at maximum volume.  The Titan-QS has more of a mechanical core that reduces the sound levels as much as possible, keeping the sound very close to stock.

HMF loads up the Can-Am<sup>®</sup> Maverick Trail 1000

Whichever system and series you decide to go with, you’ll need to add an aftermarket fuel controller to the Trail to ensure the exhaust runs properly.  The HMF Optimizer we have available comes pre-programmed with the proper fuel settings for our systems on the Maverick Trail.  It’s a simple plug-n-play controller that will ensure your exhaust runs at optimum performance.


HMF loads up the Can-Am<sup>®</sup> Maverick Trail 1000

While we were designing the exhaust system for the Can-Am® Maverick Trail, we couldn’t help but notice the front and rear end could use some beefing up.  If this thing were to go head first into a tree, it might need a bit more protection to make sure nothing gets damaged, including the riders.

HMF loads up the Can-Am<sup>®</sup> Maverick Trail 1000

With that said, we designed a Front and Rear Bumper for the Maverick Trial that complements the curves in the machine, while adding that form of protection it needs.  Each IQ Equipment bumper for the Can-Am® Maverick Trail is built from .095" steel tubing and offers an increased form of protection for the back of your Can-Am® Maverick Trail. The rear bumper easily mounts to the frame and will increase the durability and lifespan of the machine.  The color options available will match the manufacturer scheme for complete customization.

Installation Video

One of our loyal riders out there put together a great video of the installation process on the front bumper. Check it out.

Posted Wednesday, January 03, 2018


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