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Landon Wolfe extends points lead

This weekend was Round 8 of the GNCC series in Snowshoe, West Virginia. This race is known to be one of the toughest races of the year and it normally never disappoints. We had perfect weather almost all weekend which is very rare for Snowshoe but it made for fairly good conditions. I jumped off to another good start grabbing the holeshot on the paved road start.

Landon Wolfe extends points lead

There was an incredible amount of water on the track which is typical but I picked my way through the first lap gently to prevent any mistakes. After the first lap I kicked it up a notch and got myself a comfy lead by the end of the second lap which is when I pulled in for fuel and a fresh set of goggles.

Landon Wolfe extends points lead

After my pit I was able to run a smooth race and maintain my lead the entire time to bring home another win for the year and to continue to extend my points lead. We only have one more race before summer so we are preparing our best to head into break on a good note. Thank you for your support and I will talk to you soon.

Landon Wolfe extends points lead

Posted Friday, June 28, 2019


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