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UTV Sports Can-Am Maverick Gets Loaded

UTV Sports Can-Am Maverick Gets Loaded

Words by: UTV Sports

First Impressions of the Dual Full Turbo-Back System and Front/Rear Bumpers

HMF has been known to make quality performance products to increase protection, improve durability, and expand the capabilities of UTVs offroad. Naturally, we fitted our Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo R with a Titan Series Dual Full Turbo-Back exhaust and matching front and rear bumpers to put them to the test. After testing, HMF’s products continued to prove their durability, versatility, and functionality in the field.

Our Dual Full Turbo-Back exhaust came in HMF’s blacked-out finish. While it looks black in the shadows it appears closer to a gunmetal gray in direct sunlight. One might expect a dark-colored exhaust to collect dirt and filth quickly; however, it was surprisingly minimal after multiple drives. Sure, dirt collects on it but seems to only tint things a light bronze.

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Posted Monday, August 08, 2022


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