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Store Equipment Can-Am Commander Radiator Guard, Can-Am® Commander

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HMF Racing Radiator Guard, Can-Am® Commander Instructions


This product has been designed specifically to work with the HMF Defender HD Deluxe Front Bumper for the Can-Am Commander.  This may work with other bumpers and products, however testing has not been completed with other configurations.  

!!! WARNING !!! Before working on your machine, make sure it is parked on a level surface with the transmission in park and/or the parking brake engaged. Do not work on any machine with a hot engine or exhaust.  Allow time for all parts to cool in order to reduce the risk of burns.

1. Secure the radiator guard to the radiator by placing the provided 1/4" Washer against the head of the M8-1.25x50 Buttonhead Bolt then passing it through the radiator guard.  Place the provided 1-1/8" Aluminum Spacer between the radiator and radiator guard.  Loosely secure with the provided M8-1.25 Flanged Nut. Do not tighten.(See Figure #1)

Radiator Guard, Can-Am® Commander Instructions - Figure 1

2. Repeat for all (4) corners.

3. Check for proper alignment and clearance then tighten all hardware for the radiator guard. 


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