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Exhaust Inserts

Exhaust Inserts

Quiet Core Insert 

The quiet core insert is designed to install in a number of HMF exhaust series and will reduce the sound output of the exhaust anywhere from 3-6 dB depending on the machine and the exhaust series.

Installation is just as simple as installing the spark arrestor that comes with the HMF exhaust with the insert sitting between the end cap and the end cap base with most of the insert extending into the exhaust’s core.

Exhaust Inserts

With most machines when a quiet core insert is installed there is no need to retune the machine.  If you have questions regarding your application contact us.

Quiet Core Insert Installation 

Exhaust Inserts

Spark Arrestor

The purpose of the spark arrestor is to keep hot debris from exiting the exhaust which can potentially harm the environment.  They are easy to install, simply unbolt the end cap and place the spark arrestor in the recess built into the end of the silencer then reinstall the end cap.  A spark arrestor is provided with every HMF exhaust.

Spark Arrestor Installation

A common question is, “Will the spark arrestor decrease the power of the machine when installed?”  The simple answer is no. In no way will the spark arrestor ever create enough restriction in the exhaust system that it will decrease horsepower or torque.  Unless the spark arrestor is blocked or clogged with debris there is no appreciable flow restriction.

Spark Arrestor Maintenance
Yes, from time to time you will need to inspect and clean the spark arrestor.  If the spark arrestor is plugged with carbon deposits from the engine simply remove it, soak it in a solvent such as oven cleaner for a few minutes, then finish the cleaning process with wire brush, finish by drying it and reinstall.  If the spark arrestor is plugged with dirt or mud the process is even easier. Remove it, clean it out with water and remove any stubborn bits with a wire brush, rinse, dry, and install.

Combining Inserts

Often times a customer will want to run a quiet core insert and is also required by local law to have an exhaust with a spark arrestor.  Is this possible with an HMF exhaust? Yes, of course! In fact, if a quiet core insert is used, it is recommended to use the spark arrestor as well to reduce the chance of the quiet core insert rattling inside the exhaust.  

Competition Series Inserts 

See our separate post for more information and installation here.

Posted Thursday, September 12, 2019


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