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2017 Can-Am® Maverick Turbo | Dual 3/4 System

Hans | Racer. Engineer. Founder.

Official Sound of the Offroad

The sound of a 1000cc turbo engine cranking out over 130 horses Just...got...better.

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The HMF exhaust sound can be best described as a deep, aggressive sound that fattens up the overall tone of the machine. We manufacture exhaust series that have a specific volume output to make HMF™ one of the most versatile offroad exhaust systems on the market.

Performance Series Exhaust Systems

Performance Series

Deep and Powerful Tone

Featuring a profound exhaust tone that’s a perfect blend between sound quality and performance.

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Titan-QS Series Exhaust Systems

Titan-QS Series

The Quietest Exhaust

Featuring a mechanical core, the 5” stainless steel shell creates stock volumes with a very deep sound.

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Titan-XL Series Exhaust Systems

Titan-XL Series

Proud to Be Loud

An unrestricted core that is designed for a low, extra loud overall exhaust tone with maximum performance.

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Competition Series Exhaust Systems

Competition Series

Interchangeable Volume

Featuring 3 inserts that change the power and sound levels for complete control of sound levels.

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Blue Exhaust System

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Maxell Blown Away Commercial

Paying homage to an original

In the 1980s, Maxell became an icon when they produced the popular advertising campaign known as "Blown Away Guy" for its line of audio cassettes. Inspired by that creative genius, #WeSalute

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Rock and Rall Hall of Fame, Cleveland, OH

Made in the heart of Rock & Roll

It’s no mistake that the land of rock and roll, Cleveland, Ohio, is the same place HMF calls home. #MadeInCleveland

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